WorldWide provide comprehensive language services to public bodies and the third sector throughout the UK.

Below are some of the core sectors for which we have optimised processes and technology in place. If your organisation doesn’t fall into one of these categories, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully tailored solution for any public-sector or third-sector organisation.

WorldWide Core Sectors


From the translation of general patient correspondence to cutting-edge video interpreting technology, WorldWide provide interpreting and translation services to trusts across the NHS in England, as well as throughout NHS Scotland, NHS Wales (GIG Cymru) and HSC (Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland). Linguists have detailed experience of healthcare provision, understanding the needs and expectations of users – whether the general public or healthcare professionals – and we ensure that the appropriate DBS clearance level is in place for interpreters where required.


Central Government

Departments like HMRC and the DWP can access high-quality language services on demand, whether it is for centralised services like telephone interpreting for inbound and outbound call centres, or regional provision of face-to-face interpreters to offices or Jobcentre Plus branches across the UK. For departments and agencies with large numbers of users and teams, we enable the secure web-based submission of translation and interpreting requests and can provide detailed status and management information, both real-time and historically, to enable finance and management teams to understand usage across their organisations.

Central Government

Local Government

Local authorities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland need to provide access to services and information for over 200 languages, in spoken, written and signed form. We translate appointment letters, information leaflets, websites and identity papers, and can provide foreign-language and sign-language interpreters on site anywhere in the country. Something which makes the WorldWide consortium unique is that one of its board members represents the UK’s most diverse local authority, the London Borough of Newham, with unrivalled knowledge of the language needs of local government.

Local Government

Social care

The provision of language services for social care often involves highly sensitive scenarios, where confidentiality, DBS clearance, cultural awareness, and prevention of conflict-of-interest issues mean that WorldWide’s highly flexible approach excels. With interpreters specifically trained for social care scenarios, and an on-demand 24/7 service, we ensure that language is no barrier when it comes to valuing users and adhering to legal obligations.

Social Care

Criminal Justice

Across police services and the justice system throughout the UK, confidentiality is absolutely key – whether it is the transcription of interviews under caution, the provision of interpreters around the clock, or translation of documents in preparation for trial, information must be kept secure at all times. With end-to-end encryption supported by our translation management system and video interpreting platforms, clear contractual non-disclosure provisions in place, and appropriately security-cleared linguists, our ISO and Cyber Essentials-accredited services are perfectly optimised.

The Courts of Justice

MOD, Foreign and Commonwealth, and the Defence sector

Interpreting for defence organisations is a highly specialised aspect of WorldWide’s services. We provide security-cleared interpreters, cultural advisors and language trainers to locations throughout the UK, as well as for field and combat operations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This includes support for intelligence, reconstruction and humanitarian efforts, as well as simultaneous interpreting for conference and large-scale events.

Armed Forces Covenant

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